Beak Communications is a boutique public relations and management agency celebrating talent within the global entertainment industry. Whether it’s a personality, brand or event, we are there to promote, control and handle all your needs with an honest, passionate and professional service.

Our permanent and constant interaction with the media over the last 15 years allows us a privileged relationship with journalists, broadcasters, producers, bloggers and talent themselves. With some agencies it’s easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond, Beak is all about providing a bespoke service focused on making our clients realise just how important they are from the very beginning.


Natalie PinkhamWith over 20 year’s experience across the media industry, Dean Piper set up Beak Comms in January 2014 following his transition from celebrity editor across numerous titles within the print media industry.

He knows what will work to ensure maximum coverage in the media, has the ideas to make it happen and has contacts across all sides of the industry.